Career Leadership Coaching Today

Empowering Strategic Leaders To Maximise Your Strengths, Talents and Potential to Excel

By Lady Doris Choto

The Book On Career Leadership Coaching Today: Empowering Leaders To Maximise their Strengths and Talents To Excel provides you the 10 master keys to unlocking your potential through coaching and mentoring.

Doris takes her over 20 years’ experience and skills set of project work for multinational companies, Local Authorities, property investment and learning in commodities markets. As a certified Gallup Strength Coach, Mindfulness, well-being and NLP practitioner distilling them into solutions and tools that bring value you can use right now to inspire major change in your life. 

She shares her personal experiences as a single mother pursuing her education along with practical solutions to bring balance into your life. She acknowledges the challenges individuals face while running businesses, have health, financial or spiritual challenges and bouncing back. Doris also taps into the disruptive change that COVID-19 pandemic and technological changes brought, showing how you can use your strength, talents and leadership skills to grow as an individual to build up yourself to realise set aims and objectives.

With each key, Doris taps into potential obstacles and shows you how to use your inner strengths and  talents to find creative and innovative solutions no matter what the issue you or your business may be facing.

This Book On Career Leadership Coaching Today can provide a viable way to find solutions for you as an individual and  your team to develop and thrive. 

If you are looking for a guide to take your leadership to the next level, then Doris is the resource you need. 

With practical advice and the benefit of years of life learning, coaching and mentoring: The Book On Career Leadership Coaching Today: Empowering today and future leaders to Maximise Your Strengths and Talents to excel, is the right step to take for next level leadership. Doris is in the process of starting a PhD in the area of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at a university in London to follow from her MBA and Master’s degree.

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